Children living with epilepsy have hopes and dreams.

You can help children and their families receive the very best support, families like Tracy’s. Please give now.

Tracy has three young boys:

Jack, aged 8, dreams of becoming a builder. His favourite colour is blue.

Max who is 6 loves anything that is brown and hopes to one day own a factory that makes crowns for kings.

The youngest, Tom who is about to turn 4, wants to be a big boy. His favourite colour is orange.

Jack is most protective of his younger brothers as they have been diagnosed with epilepsy. (You can read Tracy’s story here.)

Max had his first seizure 8 days after turning 3. He was hospitalised for five days and underwent a number of tests. He was diagnosed with Tonic Clonic seizures.

Living with epilepsy can be tough. Daily life is often a combination of seizures, family upset, isolation, even rejection. In fact, epilepsy can be a frightening and traumatic experience for anyone, especially for children who aren’t able to understand what is going on.

Tracy’s youngest son, Tom, was then diagnosed with epilepsy.

Read Tracy’s heart-warming story of her three boys here.

Many families can experience strong feelings of shock, fear, guilt and sadness. They can become isolated, unsure of who to turn to and the help they will need as their children grow up, begin school, become young adults, even have their own families in years to come. Along with strong emotions, a diagnosis of epilepsy is likely to bring up many questions.

Right now, there are around 60,000 children across Australia who have been diagnosed with epilepsy. Children like Max and Tom, who like every child, have hopes and dreams.

That’s why families like Tracy’s need your support.

Give now.  Your donation will directly ensure every person diagnosed with epilepsy has access to the very best support, services and information, including:

1)  Epilepsy support so families have epilepsy knowledge, epilepsy management plan development, seizure first aid response and emergency medication administration training and information.

2)  The Epilepsy InfoLine resourced by trained epilepsy support workers who can immediately provide understanding and support around epilepsy, practical information and advice, information and referrals to a full range of Epilepsy Foundation and allied services.

3)  Our Family Specialist Series so that more families can meet with paediatric neurologists and have their questions answered and worries eased.

4)  And vital programs like Epilepsy Smart Schools which help educate and inform teachers and the broader community of what it means to live with epilepsy and how to better support students who live with epilepsy.

Please show your support so every child is fully supported to manage their epilepsy. Give a most precious gift to these families at this time of year – the gift of hopes and dreams.

Thank you for wanting to help make Jack’s, Max’s and Tom’s hopes and dreams come true this holiday season. We wish you and yours a happy and wonderful holiday season.