Epilepsy Management Plans


An Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) is an individualised document developed with the person with epilepsy. It describes the person’s seizure types, how they would like to be supported during the seizure and emergency procedures.

The EMP can be used by the person living with epilepsy, their family or others who have a role in supporting them. The plan is endorsed by a medical professional.

Our Epilepsy Support Workers are available to assist you and your family in completing an EMP. Contact our national InfoLine on 1300 761 487 for assistance.

Epilepsy Management Plans

There are five Epilepsy Management Plan templates  available, choose a suitable plan depending on the number of seizure types the individual experiences.

Epilepsy Management Plan – 1 seizure type (Word doc 412kb)

Epilepsy Management Plan – 2 seizure types (Word doc 416kb)

Epilepsy Management Plan – 3 seizure types (Word doc 422kb)

Epilepsy Management Plan – 4 seizure types (Word doc 427kb)

Epilepsy Management Plan – 5 seizure types (Word doc 431kb)

Download the EMP Guidelines (PDF 94kb) for instructions on how to complete the management plans.

Emergency Medication Management Plans

These documents detail the instructions on how to safely administer the emergency medications EMMP – Midazolam (Word doc 177kb) and EMMP – Rectal Valium (Word doc 117kb) if prescribed by your doctor.

These plans must be completed and signed by the treating doctor. Guidelines are available for assisting the completion of these documents EMMP Guidelines_Midazolam (PDF 65kb), EMMP Guidelines_Rectal Valium (PDF 62kb).

Know Me Support Me Resources

The Epilepsy Foundation has developed the Epilepsy: Know me, Support me suite of resources targeted to the Australian disability sector.

Know Me Support Me resources provide people with a disability living with epilepsy a nationally consistent approach in access to and delivery of high quality epilepsy support by disability services and importantly, have increased involvement in saying how they want to be supported. Importantly the resources support better practice in empowering the person living with epilepsy to have a voice in how they want to be supported.

The Developing an Epilepsy Management Plan (PDF 672kb) resource is an interactive booklet which will help support the person living with epilepsy and their support network to be engaged in the development of their epilepsy management plan.