What to consider when looking to purchase a helmet:

If you have seizures that cause you to fall forwards – helmet with a face guard or visor.

If you have seizures that cause you to fall backwards – helmet with more protection around the backs and the sides of the head will provide more protection for you.
A helmet that reaches down to the eyebrows will also provide more protection for the forehead.

A good helmet regardless of which way you may fall should be good fitting with an adjustable chin strap so that the helmet stays snug on the head and absorbs the impact of the fall.

State Wide Equipment Program (SWEP)

SWEP will provide up to $200 subsidy for a specialised/custom made helmet for an adult or child as prescribed by an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Orthotist.

See the orthoses section on the aids and equipment page on the SWEP website: https://swep.bhs.org.au/available-items-and-subsidy.php

Infant/Children’s Helmets

Comfy Caps

Created by a Physiotherapist, provides two layers of cushioning.


Created to help provide some protection to infants when they are learning to walk and unsteady on their feet.

Adult Helmets


A soft helmet that has been shown to reduce impact of falls by Melbourne testing services.

Opti-cool headgear

Soft headwear that offers the option of having cool gel inserts. *The company is creating a hard hat version soon.

Guardian helmets

Soft helmets created from EVA rubber foam with a Lycra covering.
The hook and loop chin strap combined with adjustable laces in the back, enables the soft protective headgear to custom fit each person’s head.

Danmar products

An American equipment company that makes a variety of hard helmets.

Plum Enterprises – Protecta cap plus

An American company that makes a variety of falls safety wear e.g. helmets, hip protectors.

Sports Helmets

Hockey Helmet

Bicycle Helmet
Available from most sports stores

Boxing Helmet

Baseball Helmet

Protective headwear that is not a helmet (offers less protection)

These items of headwear offer very limited protection as they are a hat and not a helmet.
However the limited protection they do offer may be better than nothing for people who will not wear a helmet.

Rib cap

Initially designed for a sport where you would normally where a hat or beanie e.g. snow sports where a helmet is not obligatory.

Crasche hats