Epilepsy Xplained – now launched

Epilepsy Xplained 2

Epilepsy Xplained App - now launched

Medical jargon can be confusing, but, we take away that confusion through storytelling.

Epilepsy Xplained follows Emily’s journey with Epilepsy through this illustrated flip-through story. Learn about Epilepsy, symptoms, treatments, support groups and the emotional roller coaster that comes with living with Epilepsy. Emily has opened up about her condition to help others learn about Epilepsy.

Medicine X translates complicated ‘doctor speak’ into an entertaining and engaging story – so that every person regardless of age, gender, culture and condition, can have access to medical information they can understand and relate to. Working as a doctor, Medicine X’s founder realised that many patients were confused about their diagnoses, and didn’t have a proper understanding of their conditions or treatments. There was a disconnect between the language that doctors use, and what patients understand. Because of this, many people feel hopeless and anxious at a very difficult time in their lives.

The app is based around real experiences and is written by professionals, peer reviewed by experts, with input from the community.

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