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Know Me Support Me - Disability

The Know Me Support Me initiative seeks to influence and achieve better practice outcomes in the disability sector, enabling people with epilepsy to exercise choice and control in their lives as it relates to their epilepsy diagnosis and support needs.

Know Me Support Me provides people with a disability living with epilepsy a nationally consistent approach in access to and delivery of high quality epilepsy support by disability services.

The Epilepsy Foundation is a registered NDIS provider and is currently delivering services for people with epilepsy in areas where the NDIS has already rolled out.  If you’d like to read more about NDIS service provided by the Epilepsy Foundation click here go to our NDIS and You page.

What do best practices look like?

  • The person understands their epilepsy.
  • The person and their circle of support have been actively involved in decision making.
  • Support staff are educated and trained in epilepsy management.
  • Support staff are confident in supporting the person.
  • There are clearly established communication pathways between all the relevant services and the person’s key support service providers will:

–  Have policies and procedures that meet the needs of the person in accordance with this better practice resource.
–  Provide a safe and healthy environment that enables the person to participate to their full potential.
–  Identify opportunities to refer people to relevant services.

How can the better practice resource be used?

Individuals and supporters can use the better practice resource to assist them in their decision when choosing a service provider. Service providers can benchmark themselves against the better practice resource and identify ways to enhance the person’s support and epilepsy management.

A better practice guide and suite of resources has been developed for use by the disability sector supporting people with a disability living with epilepsy. Click here to see these resources.

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