Seizure Monitors

Below is a list of monitors and alarms which are available in Australia.  Each device should be evaluated to ascertain their suitability for your individual needs.

*The Epilepsy Foundation does not warrant or endorse these products and is not a manufacturer, distributer, seller, representative or broker of the products shown in this information sheet. The Epilepsy Foundation offers only introductory information about the potential of these devices and does not accept responsibility for the consequences of the actual use of any device listed on this page.


Emfit Epilepsy Sensor Alarm

What it is: A bed sensor that detects a seizure by a thin metal sheet placed in between two mattresses.

An alarm is then sounded to carers by a pager or if an adult wishes to retain their independence by living alone the controller will alert a connected landline phone automatically dial pre-programmed telephone numbers and give a recorded message to family or even the government emergency 000 that a seizure is taking place.

It can also be used to monitor presence in bed and set off the alarm when the person has left the bed or not returned to the bed within a specified time frame.


Sami – The sleep activity monitor

What it is: A video based movement detection system. An infrared camera that detects motions during the night and alerts parents/carers on their apple device (iphone/ipod/ipad). Events are recorded and archived.


Life Minder

What it is: The Life Minder is a wearable device that detects the sudden impact of a fall and can alert up to 5 people by sending a text message with a Google Map location, accurate to within 2 meters.

The wearer can also press the SOS function themselves to alert the mobile phones connected to it. It works with a SIM card on either Telstra or Optus network Australia wide. Can be attached to a belt, lanyard or key ring. Comes with its own docking station to charge it.


Smart Watch

What it is: A wristwatch that monitors movements and sends alerts when detecting repetitive shaking motions. Smartwatch users need to carry their phone (either an Android or Apple) within 15 foot range so that the watch can signal the users phone which then texts or calls their family member or friend’s phone. Alerts can be cancelled by the user. The user can also request help by pushing a button on the watch.

Embrace/Empatica Watch

What it is: A smartwatch that is connected to a person’s mobile via Bluetooth connection which may detect seizures, and can monitor activity levels and sleep quality. When it detects a seizure it will send alert calls and an SMS to caregiver’s phones.