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We know that health and direct care professionals play a pivotal part in supporting the individual living with epilepsy. Whether a school or community health nurse, allied health worker, disability or aged care worker, we want to support your role in providing appropriate person-centred support to enable individuals achieve their potential. Our education and training programs will enable you to develop the skills and knowledge required to provide appropriate supports and to better understand the impact of living with epilepsy as it relates to your role.

Epilepsy is a brain disorder which is characterised by a person having repeating epileptic seizures. Current statistics indicate a prevalence of people who will have epilepsy in their lifetime is 3-4% of the overall population globally (Hauser, 1993). Seizures and epilepsy are not the same. A seizure is an event, a disruption of the normal electrochemical activity of the brain and epilepsy is the disease characterised by tendency to have recurrent seizures. More information about epilepsy can be found here.

Epilepsy commonly exists alongside other health conditions including acquired brain injury, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy and mood disorders. The impacts of epilepsy go beyond that of the seizure itself and can include:

– social anxiety
– difficulties at home, school, work, or with friends
– cognitive or learning problems that require special help or accommodations
– symptoms of depression, or other changes in mood or behaviour
– problems sleeping
– unexplained injuries, falls or other illnesses – further information on this issue can be found on the Epilepsy Foundation America website.

People with epilepsy can benefit from understanding their epilepsy and seizure types and learning strategies that help them manage their condition. Health and direct care professionals play an essential role in recognising, treating and managing epilepsy.


Direct care training

Direct care training

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C20 Nurse Training

Training for registered nurses

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A referral form is available to refer a client for Epilepsy Foundation services…Read More

What can health and direct care professionals do?

Health and direct care providers can support their clients by:

  • Understanding and learning to recognise the different seizure types and first aid
  • Encourage clients to understand and manage their epilepsy

There are a number of resources available which can be provided to clients or developed alongside with clients.  The links below will provide more information:


Resources for health and direct care professionals

Below is a list of links to resources which may be useful for health and direct care professionals:

To refer a client for Epilepsy Foundation services please complete the Referral Form.



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