Not one person should ever feel that they do not know who to turn to, who to ask for support and information, or who to ask for advice on how to best manage their own or their child’s epilepsy.

Every person living with epilepsy has a story to share. A story that may begin with fear of the unknown but with your support is then filled with compassion, care and support.

Neve has epilepsy.

“We struggled to understand what was going on with Neve. We would cancel playdates, trips and excursions. Instead we were madly organising psychological assessments for her. We thought what she was showing were tantrums, anxiety, even panic attacks…”

Neve’s seizures were rapidly developing and escalating in frequency over just one week.

“In October 2014 our lives changed. After 4 hours of waiting in Emergency, I was overwhelmingly relieved when the Intern observed one of Neve’s seizures. She said that she had never seen this type of seizure in real life but remembered it from a video she saw at Uni. She told us that what Neve was experiencing was front right lobe seizures!

“We went home and spent a long night with Neve in our bed. We timed, counted and filmed her seizures. We brought her back to Emergency – EIGHT hours and 40 seizures later.”

Neve’s epilepsy was described as “explosive onset” and “uncontrolled cluster seizures”.

Imagine how frightening hearing those words must have been for Jodi and for little Neve.

Please give today so families never go it alone with epilepsy.

Jodi and her family were introduced to the Epilepsy Foundation.

“We were exhausted, confused, overwhelmed and feeling sorry for ourselves when we heard a talk by Professor Ingrid Scheffer on Childhood Epilepsy. That first information session at the Epilepsy Foundation was our turning point.”

At that moment Jodi and her husband, Marcus realised they were not alone.

They were now part of a community that would support them, help them to better understand Neve’s epilepsy, and give them the resources they need to manage epilepsy well.

Your donation has the power to help every family who comes through our doors, so they get the right support, information and resources they need.

Your donation can help families attend invaluable information sessions so they can learn more about epilepsy. To help them better understand what epilepsy is. To have the right Epilepsy Management Plan for their loved ones. And to have their child’s school be an Epilepsy Smart School.

Your donation will mean that families know they are not alone and that they never feel helpless.

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